A desktop plant growing feng shui sculpture

idea by jessetjenkins
A desktop plant growing feng shui sculpture

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A motherboard, screen layers and screen brackets were taken from an old Toshiba Satellite laptop and converted into a transparent lampshade-like structure that serves to enhance the vitality of the room in primarily two ways: 1. Make a cool-looking red and white light source for living space. 2. Provide light for plants to grow and enhance the zen or feng shui of living space.

The box-like lamp shade is constructed mostly of parts that came from the Toshiba laptop. The exception is the red acrylic used to create red light from two faces of the box and the stands (which came from a broken camera tripod) which suspend the box above the plants. Otherwise, everything was constructed with hot glue and screws/nuts that came off the laptop. This project took around 50 hours give or take 10 hours and saw multiple versions before the final draft, in fact it is still probably going to be revised in the future!

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