Recycling For a Better Future

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Recycling For a Better Future

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The Clock. A marker of time, important dates, memories. Heirloom, collectible, decoration in our homes!

The Computer. A keeper of your data, important dates, memories. Holds your dreams, your social life, maybe even your future mate!

At the heart of the computer is the motherboard bringing it all together to make the system a whole. Two decidedly necessary elements of our lives come together to decorate our home, mark our time, remind of us our dreams.

Recycle for a better future.

If you are interested in making a motherboard clock, find the center balance point and drill a hole. Add the clock mechanism, hands and voila!

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I love this clock! While it clearly has a high tech vibe, I can see it in any decor. It is quite handsome and I especially love the idea of doing something about lessening the load in our landfills.

Great work, ComputersandClocks!

by afarmofart
over 3 years ago | Reply

A VIZIO Thin+Light, All-In-One PC, and subscription...
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